G-Cup (Canon C100)

G-Cup (Canon C100)

The G-Cup is a traditionally shaped eyecup that fits perfectly to the Canon C100, improving the electronic viewfinder and overall ergonomics.

The G-Cup is designed to look and feel like an extension of the camera. It can be used with either eye, providing a comfortable, flexible cushion to push against and a solid third point of contact. It wraps around the eye to block out light, and it doesn't disrupt the camera's shape or balance. Simply put, the G-Cup allows you to comfortably use your C100's EVF so you can fully take advantage of the camera's excellent form-factor.
We've designed the G-Cup as simply as possible so that we can make it as cheaply as possible. The G-Cup doesn't add a diopter or lens, it simply changes the shape of the EVF's cushion. However simple, the G-Cup dramatically improves your shooting experience for a reasonable price.
The G-Cup is only compatible with the C100.

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